2018 Olympia Event Theme: RV Nuts & Bolts
Event Captain: Carlene Faithful
This was our first time at this rustic park. Although the event began on Friday, many arrived on Thursday to get an early start. As folks arrived, we gathered at a picnic table to catch up on hugs and news. Fortunately it was a sunny day after a winter of gray skies and rain. Later, several of us went out to dinner for Thai food at Lemon Grass Café. We each ordered an entre and shared so we had a variety of dishes to sample. It was delicious. We played games (Golf, Pegs and Jokers) in the clubhouse the rest of the evening.
Most of the campers arrived on Friday. The event officially started with the Friday night meet and greet and potluck in the clubhouse. In spite of the small size of the clubhouse, the owners, event captain, president and others made it work. The pool table was covered with a board for the food, picnic tables covered with table cloths and decorated with little marigold plants. Extra tables were set up in tiny places. Bright spring, green table cloths and marigolds made everything seem almost perfect. It always amazes me how this group always “makes it work”. After dog walking, we convened in the club house for games. Two tables of poker players got a work out with Lynda and Linda dealing 2 very fast games. There was a new game that was full of laughter. Not sure of the name but I’m playing it next time.
Saturday began with coffee and breakfast treats at 8:30. At 9:30, we had a wonderful speaker, Brian Holthe, from Genesis Automotive and RV Repair of Tacoma. He was very informative and answered all of our questions re maintenance and repair of RVs in addition to tough questions about service. He did a great job. The main theme was Maintenance is much better/cheaper than Repair.
After lunch, we attended our General Meeting led by our President Christine Taylor. Please see the Secretary minutes for information re the content of the meeting.
The book club discussion was led by our wonderful leader Michelle. The book was "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn. Michelle makes the discussion interesting even if you have not read the book or don’t particularly like the book.
Tell me about your Tattoo Contest was very interesting. Carlene was looking out for those of us that do not have a permanent tattoo. There were lots fun, beautiful, and interesting temporary tattoos to choose. It was more about the stories than the tattoos themselves. A team of judges chose the top three tattoos/stories. Third place went to Lynda Byrd who has a tweedy bird on her ankle. She went to the tattoo parlor to support a friend who was getting the tattoo and she went home with one as well (I think alcohol was involved for pain control). The second place winner was Ruth Gregersen who has a temporary tattoo of a Bare Branch Maple Tree which she chose because her sister’s family has a Maple Syrup business in Michigan. The logo for their syrup and other maple products is a Maple Tree that looks much like the tattoo. Will she get a permanent tattoo when her nephew visits in June??  (You will get to sample the syrup in June when we will have a Flapjack breakfast). The first place winner is none other than our president, Christine Taylor. She had to wait quite a while to get it because her company did not allow visible tattoos. Her daughter gave it to her for her 60th birthday. She collects bells so of course; the tattoo had to be one of her favorite bells. She thought it was boring so she added sheet music and musical notes. It is now beautiful
The Potluck dinner was a little more challenging on Saturday since some more people arrived. As usual, the problem was solved. A table was set up in the laundry room. There was much laughter coming from that room so I think they had a good time. (In addition, they got to go through the line first.)
Games for the evening were Pegs and Jokers, 31, Rummy Cubes, and Wizard. I don’t think anyone made the 11 o’clock club.
Sunday morning began with coffee in the clubhouse. Kristi brought a great breakfast dessert. It was beautiful and so delicious. There was one rig christened and 2 farewell songs sung. Happy trails. See you in Mossyrock.
Respectfully submitted by Ruth Gregersen




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