Event Theme: Sail on the SS Cascadia
Event Captain: Christine Taylor for Gwen Brass
August 24-26, 2018, Westport, WA

About sixty-five Cascadians arrived at American Sunset RV park in Westport on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday afternoon, many of us gathered at Sage’s RV for drinks, hugs, reconnecting, laughter and welcoming new folks. Some went out to dinner at the Knotty Pines Tavern and some had dinner at the park. We all celebrated the blue skies and clean air after so much smoke from the fires in British Columbia and Eastern Washington.

Friday was also a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and pleasant temperatures. Everyone was on their own to enjoy the day as the rest of the weekend gang arrived. The actual event started with Friday evening dinner. The potluck was wonderful including the desserts (especially the one that was layered with whip cream). After dinner Carole gave us the schedule of the RV parks and the dates for next year and I am excited to say we will be at a park in British Columbia in June. After dog walking, many different games were played in the clubhouse.

Coffee and tea were enjoyed in the clubhouse on Saturday morning along with mini muffins. Book club met at 10 AM to discuss “Killers of the Flower Moon” by David Grann. The book tells the true story of the Osage Tribe murders and the birth of the FBI. The setting is the Oklahoma Territory where the Tribe, through foresight and legal maneuvering, were able to permanently attach the oil found under their land to themselves and shield it from the hand of white interlopers. The Osage became very rich. The murders were part of the plan for the white men to claim the oil. The first part of the story was a great murder mystery. The second part was the solving of the murders and the plot to take the oil. The third part is the story of the author’s visits the scene of the crime many years later. None of the 16 book club attendees had heard of this horrific crime prior to reading this book.

Lunch was the much-anticipated annual no host crab fest which was held in the clubhouse due to the cool weather. Thanks to Cathy Phillips for organizing this event and getting the crab for us to enjoy. What a feast!

Following lunch, we armchair traveled to the Canadian Maritimes with Marne and Elaine. It was a great presentation. Sage introduced the travel segment with a story about her uncle who was a great travel story teller. As is turns out, Sage spent her childhood summers in some of the places that Marne and Elaine visited. We next traveled to Eastern Europe and Russia with Kris and Carole. Somehow Kris was able to condense their amazing 6-week trip into an hour. We saw slides of many beautiful places and heard fun and interesting stories about countries that many of us will never have the opportunity to visit.


Kris also did an excellent presentation on Estate Planning 101. The main emphasis was that everyone needs a will and the will needs to be reviewed regularly. Hardly anyone needs a trust. The hand-out was very thorough. Many of us needed these reminders even if we have a will.

Our Saturday potluck was later than usual as many of us were still full from that delicious crab. After getting our pets fed, walked and settled, many played a variety of games. There was lots of laughter and chatting heard coming from the clubhouse. Oh, by the way, it was very wet. It did not rain hard but it was wet.

Sunday morning, we cleaned up the clubhouse while enjoying coffee and tea. Two rigs and one truck were christened before our goodbye songs and hugs. Quite a few campers stayed one more day. More games and laughter in the clubhouse as it was still very wet. Long pants and sweatshirts were the clothes of choice for the day. Most of us ate our dinner in the clubhouse followed by lively singing led by Leslie. We even got a couple of new voices to join in. All in all, it was a great weekend.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Gregersen





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