March 2018 Event at KOA in Burlington

Cascadia RVW - First Event of 2018

Burlington KOA. 20 rigs, 34 attendees

As has become fairly normal, quite a few folks arrived at Burlington on Thursday.  There was much introducing new folks as well as some heart-felt reconnecting after the winter break.  There were no planned activities, but much visiting in the beautiful sunshine despite the chilly temperatures.  Activities began in earnest on Friday when the rest of the folks arrived.  As is often true for Cascadia events, games began right away, with “10” and Pegs and Jokers leading the list.  A couple of new folks were quickly indoctrinated.  Later Friday afternoon, we began to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, even though it was the 16th.  A few folks enjoyed some Irish (de-caf) coffee with frothed milk.  The evening continued with a “bring whatever” potluck supper followed by more after-dinner games.

Saturday morning folks were invited to the clubhouse for coffee and doughnuts and more visiting before Book Group.  There was a lively discussion of the book of the month, “A Gentleman in Moscow”.  Many liked it and few didn’t enjoy the Russian history in the book.  There was some discussion of the virtues of audible books versus reading a hard copy.  Did one outweigh the other?  However, the reading folks were quite excited to think of new books for the up-coming months and in the end chose books for the remainder of the season.  (That list will be posted on the website.).

Our Program called for the making of paper flowers, that Diane P. had learned while traveling in Mexico.  A small group participated in that - using crepe paper strips.  A bit later in the afternoon there was a puzzle competition.  We had done this last year to much success so Diane P. and Penny D. decided to try it again.  Folks were divided into teams of 2 and each was given a new 300 piece puzzle to complete in the shortest time.  Last year’s winner, Janet A. again won, this year, partnered with Cathy P.  All the participants were given their puzzles as prizes.  

Saturday evening’s potluck on the “real” St. Patrick’s Day, included several corned beef options, along with many other choices.  And as it was Cathy P’s 70th birthday, there were cupcakes and ice cream for all.  Of course the evening continued with many more games, including the above 10 and Pegs, along with Train, Hand and Foot, and 31.  Two of our new attendees were really “sharks” when it came to “Beginner’s Luck”.  Well done.

Sunday morning our poor President was really “under the weather” so last year’s president Sage M. took on the duties of two rig “christenings”, followed by our inimitable singing “Happy Trails” until next month.







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