Cascadia May Event
The Ladies Book and Luncheon Club
May 25-28, 2018

   As usual, many of us arrived at Harmony Lake RV Park, near Mossyrock, WA, on Thursday or even earlier so we could enjoy the bright sunshine and the company of friends until the event officially got underway on Friday evening, after the rest of the campers arrived. The ‘Hi There Girls” welcomed us with an event schedule and Red Vines.  As usual, we dined well at our potluck dinner in the clubhouse and followed that up with games and laughter. Soon the event captain Sage was directing her divas to set up an assembly line to make Jello. It was truly a group effort. Following the Jello assembly line, Captain Sage then directed her divas to make iced tea for the luncheon and coffee for the morning.
  Saturday morning coffee and tea were available in the club house at 8:30 but the drinkers were kicked out promptly at 9:30 so the divas could set up for the Ladies Luncheon. The luncheon was an amazing affair. We were greeted by divas in ‘50s style dress including gloves, hats and aprons. The ladies arrived and it was a sight for sore eyes. Some just wore hats (oh my!), some wore hats and gloves, while our president arrived in a period dress, and red heels, gloves, and a hat to match. The luncheon was delightful with chicken salad, croissants, Caesar salad, and the best Jello that you can imagine. Sage then talked to us why she chose the book, “Death by Chocolate” and the importance of reading to children very early in life. During this time we were served “to die for” chocolate cake. Since we completed our discussion early, we decided to have the song fest earlier than originally planned. We spent a great hour singing our old favorite songs and some that were brought back from the SMR Hootenanny group. These were very up tempo and enjoyed by all. At the end of an hour, there were cries for more so we continued for another ½ hour.
  We then had several hours free to socialize, play games, and nap. Our potluck dinner was wonderful (and included some of the left over Jello). Our evening entertainment was Bunco led by Lynda. Prizes were given for the most Buncos (Michele), the winner of a playoff for everyone that had one Bunco (Penny on the first roll), and the winner of the playoff for the losers (Leslie). The prizes were gift certificates to Camping World. Games, socialization, and laughter followed.

Sunday morning coffee and tea drinkers were again kicked out at 9:30 so our second Luncheon could be prepared by the divas. The tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and salad took us back to our luncheon favorites. Sherbet and cookies for dessert rounded out the meal. After lunch, Lynda and Ruth led a discussion based on the book “Being Mortal”. The discussion was focused on our own end of life issues including documents that everyone should have and ideas for conversations that we need to have with our partner, family, and anyone who may be an advocate for you at end of life. The overriding theme was that your wishes may change over time and documents should reflect those changes and talk, talk, talk with those people who may need to speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself.
  It was another bright sunny day so most of the afternoon was spent outside playing games and socializing.  Later in the afternoon we watched an amazing movie about the history of women in the military as a tribute to our members who have served in the military. We thanked them for their service.
   After our potluck which was filled with great food, including more of that great Jello, the winners of the First Emma Rose Fabulous Feline picture contest were announced. The winners were 1) Best Stripes – Willlie and Jessie (Leslie and Ruth), 2) Most beautiful eyes – Junior (Guyla and Andy), 3) Best Markings – Molly (Marie), 4) Cutest picture – Tootsie and Footsie (Janet A) and 5) Best in Show – Pearl (Ona and Laura). The 50/50 winner was JoAnn. More tickets were drawn to announce the winners of the table top tulips. The winners were very happy with their prizes.
  The evening continued with the showing of the movie Julia. Popcorn was provided by Gwen who has a fabulous movie grade popper. She also provided Junior Mints, Good n Plenty, KitKats, and other movie worthy candy. The rest of the evening was again filled with games, socializing, and laugher. There was one group of four that played Catan all weekend and ignored the rest of us. We love them so I will not name names.

Monday morning began with coffee in the clubhouse followed by two rig christenings and our two now-traditional farewell songs. Quite a few members stayed the rest of the day. We had leftovers for lunch including chicken salad and that wonderful Jello. It was a relaxing day and a good time was had by all. See you next month in Cle Elum where the theme will be Hootenanny.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Gregersen





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