October Cascadia Event at the Four Seasons RV Resort
Walla Walla, WA
Oct 26-28, 2018

Our final event of the 2018 season was held in Walla Walla, WA, a place where many of us had never been. It is a small city tucked away in the southeast corner of the state and it proved to be a very fun place to spend a few days. Walla Walla has more wineries than anyone could hope to visit in a weekend, or even in a week, as some people discovered. Beside all the wineries, there were some great breakfast spots which challenged even the heartiest appetites. This was also the weekend of the annual Walla Walla hot air Balloon Stampede.

Because this was a long drive for many people, several Cascadians broke the trip into smaller segments, staying over in Ellensburg, Wenatchee, and other spots along the way. Also, many people opted to stretch out this event arriving well ahead of the official dates in order to explore the area, visit the aforementioned wineries, and just hang out with the group. All told, there were thirty six people who made the journey, including some new people who found a warm welcome there.
This RV park had no clubhouse, so we changed it up a bit. We rented a conference room in a hotel across the street for Friday afternoon and evening so we would have a place to hold our fall general meeting. The club furnished pizza, wings, salad, and beverages which everyone enjoyed and which fortified us for the evening activity.

The main part of the meeting was electing new board members for 2019. They are as follows: Ruth Gregerson, President Elect; Marti Decano, Event Coordinator; S.K. Chiou, Secretary; Leslie Hollearn, Treasurer, Sherry Lombard, Registrar.

Following the meeting, we all made our way to a nearby park where the night lighting of the balloons was happening. Despite the chilly night, everyone enjoyed watching the balloons being inflated and then lit up once it was dark. It was a beautiful sight. For the next couple of days, many people returned to the park in the early morning to watch 20-25 balloons being launched.as the sun came up.  Another impressive display. The weather was perfect for the balloons as well as for all the other activities.
Because we had no clubhouse, and because the weather was picture perfect, lots of people just hung out at the RV park on Saturday, visiting, playing games, and eating together. It was a chance to get to know the new people and catch up with those we don’t see very often.

Sunday morning, after christening two new rigs, many people headed for home. Some also began the trek south to Arizona for the winter while others opted to stay another day or two. It was a fabulous way to end our year. A big thank you to Christine for getting this all arranged.
Elaine Ploegstra





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