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There are several ways in which you can make our Cascadia events fun and run smoothly. It takes a little bit of help from each of us, so take a look at the opportunities below and see if there is something you'd be willing to do.

Weekend Captains

Weekend captains volunteer to help organize a single weekend's events. It's not that you do all the work for a weekend, but you help think up and coordinate speakers, events and activities. Perhaps you know someone who would make a great guest speaker, have an idea for a theme potluck...well, that's the most of it! You can do more or less, whatever you're so inclined to do. The captains work in partnership with the Events Coordinator to help ensure every weekend has fun and interesting events for members to enjoy. Interested? Contact the Event Activities Coordinator. For 2012 we still need weekend captains for the following events:


-We are covered for Captains - thanks to all of you


Hi There! Gals

If you tend to come early to our events, you're a great candidate to volunteer to be a Hi There! Gal. Hi There! Gals generally meet folks late Friday afternoon as they arrive at the park, offering a hug, a hello and a warm welcome to all, especially newcomers. That's it! Can do? Contact the Event Activities Coordinator.


We currently still need Hi There! Gals for:

- August in Tokeland

- September in Ft Langley



Divas are our helping hands throughout the weekend. They help the Event Coordinator and weekend captain carry out the events planned for the weekend by setting up tables and chairs, providing an extra set of hands during activities, and things like that. Being a Diva won't interfere with your abilitity to participate in a weekend's events. We love and need our Divas! Can do? Contact the Event Activities Coordinator.  


We currently still need Divas for:

- May in Mossyrock

- More in June at Cle Elum

- More in Sept at Ft Langley


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Last modified: Nov 11, 2011