Cascadia April Event 2019
Anderson’s Oceanside RV Park, Long Beach, WA

Arrivals: Twenty rigs bearing 33 women RVers rolled into Andersen’s RV Park at Long Beach for the second Cascadia event of the year. This year, Easter weekend coincided with the Long Beach Razor Clam Festival. Though cloudy skies dominated Friday’s arrivals, a sunny day was forecast for Saturday.

The Theme: Friday night potluck guests found Easter baskets loaded with daffodils and candies decorating their tables. Further preparations for the weekend egg hunt began Friday night. After the potluck dinner RVers assembled at the clubhouse and hand-dyed dozens and dozens of eggs.

The sun did, indeed, appear Saturday morning and hung around all day. Early risers witnessed people with clam guns headed for the beach and saw event organizers surreptitiously hiding eggs about the park grounds. Following a quiche breakfast and under the watchful eyes of the park children, the egg hunt was on! Of the 200 eggs that the organizers had hidden in the nearby woods, all but 4 were recovered by the lady RVers. A few lucky hunters found plastic eggs stuffed with chocolate or containing gift cards.

Getting down to business: A general meeting of the board was held after the egg hunt.  The thanks of the board and Cascadia members were extended to Ruth Gregersen and Lesley Hollearn, who had been elected last year to be president elect and treasurer, respectively, for Cascadia but who have since found a new home in Arizona. In their stead, Barbara Edwards (President Elect) and Janet Adolphson (Treasurer) were introduced by the board, again with the many thanks of all for their willingness to assume the vacant posts.

No 50-50 and no book club. RVers who wish, however, will get together at May’s event for an informal discussion of The Wife by Meg Wolitzer. Since this was made into a multi-award winning movie starring Glenn Close, a lively discussion is sure to ensue.

By noon, all eggs accounted for, business attended to, and the sun still high in the sky, the RVers were left to explore Long Beach, take in clam fest events, or just hang out at the beach.

Departures: By Sunday, gray skies had rolled back in.  One new rig, the RV CAPRI, was christened, and last anthems were sung. Those leaving Easter morning rolled past children scurrying about the park playground. The reason is that the Anderson staff had taken the leftover egg dying equipment donated by Cascadia and organized an egg hunt just for the park children. Truly, a delightful weekend for all.

Carlene Faithful, Scribe





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Last modified: April 27, 2019