Cascadia RVing Women March Event at La Conner

March 22 to 24 at Thousand Trails Campground

Arrivals:  It was the first event of the year.  RVers driving through the Skagit Valley passed fields of yellow daffodils in bloom as well as fields coated in white from migrating snow geese.  Some 30 RVing women and about 15 RVs had exclusive use of the original clubhouse at the Thousand Trails La Conner Campground for the weekend.  Rain was forecast, but that was not to be.

The Theme:  The schedule for the weekend was taken up by one huge block called “Free time all day”, so there was a lot to get done!
First, there was the catching up to be had after not seeing each other over the winter.  Then there was the time for some in-depth discussions.  There were the personal tales, when the remark “I didn’t know that about you!” was heard more than once.  A discussion about traveling solo and loneliness on the road.  Discussions about the ins and outs of RV shopping and ownership, tours of new rigs, and debates about whether size matters.
There was time for a leisurely group brunch in historic downtown La Conner and an afternoon of window shopping in the gift shops.  Back at the lodge, card and board games were interrupted to watch eagles fishing and seals bobbing up and down in front of the clubhouse.  The balmy evenings found photographers outside trying to capture the full beauty of the rosy sunsets

Getting Down to Business:  No book club, no 50-50, and no board business.   However, we were reminded to start thinking NOW about August in Westport when Cascadia holds its biennial fund raiser.  Needed are donations of artworks, RV accessories, and services ranging from RV washing, to food prep, to tax prep, etc., etc., to be auctioned off.   We were also reminded that over 80 RVing women showed up at the last fund raiser.

Departures:  Happy, rested, and well-fed from completion of Friday and Saturday’s remaining agenda items— ‘potlucks,’ and ‘games and revelry’— it was time to get back to routines at home (no more free time for us!).  But first, two new rigs were christened:  the RV RIGAROUND and the RV SPIRIT.   Then we were “on the road again . . . like a band of Gypsies . . . the best of friends” (in the words of Willie Nelson).

Scribe: Carlene Faithful





More Pictures from Event

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