• If it’s May, it must be Mossyrock
    A grand time was had by all at our may Cascadia event held at the Harmony Lakeside Resort in Mossyrock, WA. The weather, while ever changing, was fairly kind to us all as we broke into teams for a Photo Scavenger Hunt. Neither sun, nor rain, nor dark of night stopped the teams as they searched the park for the hidden treasures they were required to capture by the lens of their cell phone cameras.
  • The winning team of Lori Y., Fran, Cathy, Vicki, and new members Cindy and Bea got to choose two prizes from the “Fabulous Prize Table”. There’s nothing better than winning a new Spork!

  • On Saturday we were all invited to a Weenie Roast hosted by our very generous Gwen Brass.  The call of food and a sunny afternoon brought everyone out to Gwen’s cabin where we shared good food and fun memories.  Thank you so much, Gwen!

  • It is a Cascadia tradition to name and honor our many retired military women who served in their country’s units, both U.S. and Canadian. This year’s program was held on Sunday afternoon with an appetizer buffet and the showing of the movie “Megan Leavy”, a story about a bomb sniffing dog handler who served in Afghanistan. There is nothing like a good dog movie to encourage the sharing of the tissue box throughout the room.

  • Our evenings included the usual rousing table games. Guyla and her fellow “31” players managed to stay up until almost 10:00 PM! One early evening was dedicated to five fun games of Bingo. The silence in the room was palpable and anxiety was high as players scoured their cards for the Bingo numbers Sage was calling. The final game, a Blackout game, was especially anxiety producing for Robin as she waited for her last two numbers to be called. But, alas, it was not to be as Barbara H. blacked out her card first. Sorry Robin, Congrats Barbara!

  • Our time to depart on Monday came too early as it does for each event, but come it must. After christening three rigs, we sang our closing songs and wished each other “Happy Trails until we meet again”.
  • Sage MacLeod, Scribe

Weenie Roast hosted by Gwen:




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