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March 9 2021 Board Meeting

Here are the Minutes of the Zoom meeting:

Date:  Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Present (by teleconference):  Janet Adolphson, Barbara Edwards, SK Chiou, Sherry Lombard, Kris Anderson, Carole Heath, Leanna Davis, Penelope Haase, Carlene Faithful

Purpose:  Review of 2021 plans and National issues

2021 Event Schedule:

The first three Cascadia events this year (Burlington, Long Beach, and Mossy Rock) continue to be classed as “come alongs,” with no formal program captains, etc.  The park club houses have not been reserved for Cascadia’s exclusive use and may not be available for group use in the event of inclement weather.

Club houses at Westport and Port Townsend have been reserved for Cascadia, but inquiry will be made whether those club houses will be open given covid restrictions.

Regarding Westport, reservations must be made by April 1, after which spots will be released.  No decision has been made whether to hold a fund-raising event at Westport this year.

RVing Women National Organization:

National is experiencing financial difficulties.  Historically, Cascadia has donated $500 to National; but no donation was made in 2020.   The donation this year of $1,000 to National for use at their discretion was unanimously approved by the board.  Additionally, Cascadia members will be urged to pay their National dues, especially since local groups such as ours rely on National’s infrastructure for such things as club insurance.

Finally, National is looking for volunteers to serve at the national level.  Anyone interested should let Janet Adolphson know, and she will forward the name to National.

By Carlene Faithful


2021 Chapter President Janet Adolphson:

New Year greetings to all Cascadia members and fellow campers. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe from the coronavirus. I know many of you are as anxious as I am to get out and see old friends and meet new ones, and I plan to attend all scheduled events and hope many of you will as well.

The Cascadia RVW board met last week by Zoom to discuss the 2021 camping season. Unfortunately, the current situation and foreseeable future prevents us from having our usual potlucks and game gatherings, so for at least the first few months anyway our events will be essentially Come-Alongs.  If you have ideas for non-contact games and entertainment that will allow us to socialize while maintaining social distance and wearing masks, please contact our Event Coordinator, Kris Anderson (; 206-412-9910).

2020 was a difficult year for our camping activities and for the parks. Many parks are revising their reservation and groups policies, which prevents us from being able to give you a detailed picture of the 2021 schedule. The website has the currently available schedule. For most parks you will make your own reservation and will be responsible for your own cancellations. The exceptions are Westport, Long Beach (no group reservations until after Jan 1), and Port Townsend.

Registration for Port Townsend (confirmed for Aug. 19, 20, 21) must be made only through the Cascadia registrar. Cascadia has paid the first night’s deposit for 20 sites, mostly at the West end of the park, with a few on the waterfront. Your reservation won’t be finalized until the Treasurer receives your deposit. Details for registration will be posted on the website after Jan. 1, 2021.


Now go the the Events page to see details about each event:

March 19-21 at Burlington KOA, Burlington, WA

April 23-25, 2021 at Anderson's in Long Beach, WA

May 21-23 at Harmony RV Park, Mossyrock (NOTE: Not Memorial Day weekend)

June 11-13 at Rest-A-While Park, Hoodsport, WA

July 23-25 at American Sunset RV Park, Westport, WA

August 19-21 at Port Hudson Park in Port Townsend, WA

September 24-26 at Whispering Pines RV Park in Cle Elum, WA

October 15-17 at Silver Cove Park, Silver Lake, WA

Are you a woman who likes to RV? Are you a woman who likes to spend time with other women having a good time? Then you're in the right place. You've found the online home of RVW's Cascadia chapter.

Cascadia is a group of friendly, fun-loving, free-wheeling women from all walks of life and all ages who enjoy RVing and you don't even need to own an RV. It is one of the largest chapters of the seventeen that comprise the national group called RVing Women

So take a look around, let us know what you think. We hope you'll join us for an event or two and learn what all the fun is about. You can also take a look at our "First Timers and New Comers Welcome Packet" for an insight into one of our events and some FAQ's (Click here for word format, Click here for PDF format)

What you'll find inside:

Home page: where you are now. You will see our welcome to you, pictures of members rigs at various places from their RVing adventures, access to all the other major pages, and info list of the latest updates to the site.

About us page: A little information about who we are, current board members, access to Membership information, and Members Profiles (we have some pretty awesome members).

News page: On the News page you will find information from and about some of our members, hints and tips to help with your travel and rig, and general newsy kinds of stuff. Also, there is access to our Classified Ads, Resources, The Blog, Help Needed, and Recipe Favorites submitted by our membership.

Events page: Want to know what events are scheduled for the current year, check out this page. It includes information about the upcoming events, how to register, write-ups of the events for the current and last years events, and other events happening around the Pacific Northwest you may be interested in attending including some educational seminars.

Business page: Here is where you will find information on the business side of Cascadia RVW, including access to our By Laws, Chapter Rules, messages from current and past presidents, and minutes of Board and General meetings.


Rearview page: This page includes information on events and conventions from years past and a little history of the club. This page is also a work in progress so be patient.

Feedback: If you have any comments, concerns, or questions you would like to share with us, fill out the form you find from this page. We really do want to hear from you. Also, if you find any broken links, missing pages, or general things that need fixing, let the web editor know by clicking here.

If you have any information you want to add to any of these pages - pictures of your rig in interesting places, favorite recipes, information about any upcoming events or seminars you want to share, member profiles, a good joke, a clever tip, contact the web editor by clicking here.

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Last modified: March 24, 2021