CASCADIA CHAPTER RULES as of September, 2016

Chapter Rules are a set of standing rules to cover activities or situations not
specified in the Bylaws. Chapter Rules may not be in conflict with, or supersede,
the Chapter Bylaws or the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures of RVing Women.
Chapter Rules may be adopted, revised, or repealed at any publicized meeting of
the Chapter upon a vote of approval of 2/3 the members present.

Rule #1.
Cascadia membership list is the sole property of RVing Women and Cascadia, and as
such, is NOT to be sold or used by any member for private gain or personal use.

Rule #2.
Member dues are $ 10.00 per year and not prorated. Annual dues will be payable by
February 28th, of each year. Members not paying their dues by March 31st will be
dropped from the Chapter roster and have an inactive status.

Rule #3.
All members are entitled to a Cascadia membership roster if they request it.

Rule #4.
Pets must be on leash in the open areas where members are congregated.  No pets are allowed in dining area or at announced scheduled gatherings with the exception of service dogs. Pets are allowed at informal gatherings, e.g., around your rigs.

Rule #5.
Members registered for an event who have not cancelled ahead of time will be considered
a "no show" and will forfeit an amount equal to one night's fee if the member has not shown
up by Saturday morning of an event without having notified the park of their intention not to attend.