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RVW Liability Waiver

RVW recently purchased a new, more comprehensive Liability Insurance. The policy now covers Chapters as well as the National RVW organization.

We need every member to sign or agree online to this waiver. This is a general waiver and photo release that is typical of other national organizations. It is very similar to the waiver we have used in the past for Conventions and National events.

The signed waiver is good for the life of your membership and will be retained for 3 years past the expiration of your membership so, once submitted, you will not need to sign at each chapter event. Several chapters are currently collecting liability forms and mailing those in to RVW. Other chapters are choosing to have their members update their own profile either in print form or online.

Why is this Liability waiver necessary?

  • It is required by our insurance carrier.
  • A waiver puts members on notice that they are responsible for their own actions.
  • A waiver formalizes that the organization has insurance.
  • In the case of a law suit, it shows the court that the member was put on notice and agreed that they have responsibility for themselves.

What about the photo waiver?

The photo waiver gives RVW permission to use any photographs voluntarily submitted to our magazine or website and the photos may be used for promotional purposes. Not having one’s picture taken becomes the responsibility of the person being photographed and the photographer. If you do not wish to be in pictures, you will need to notify those taking pictures at an event that you do not wish to be photographed and must be responsible to stay out of photos as best you can.

There are several ways you can easily complete your waiver process:

  • Go to the website and Edit your Profile information (directions below)
  • Cut-out the form from the magazine, sign it and mail it in to the RVW office
  • Print off the form from the website, sign it and mail it in to the RVW office

If you have already signed a waiver at a chapter event this year and chapter leaders are sending forms in to the RVW office, you are done! If you are not certain if they were mailing forms, please do one of the above to be sure.

Online changes are very simple to do! Simply log on to the RVW website and:

  • Go to My Profile (left hand menu area)
  • Select Manage Profile
  • Select Edit Profile
  • Re-enter your password(security)
  • Now, enter your initials for waiver acceptance
  • NEW!! Scroll down to the last section and Share your work experience and interests. (RVW is now asking members to share work experience and interest areas. We are hoping to use the interest area to better connect members. If you do not wish to share that information, simply fill in with NONE as this is now a required field on the online form.)
  • Select Submit Changes at the very bottom. DONE!!!!

A member MUST have a Liability form signed or have accepted the waiver online before they can participate in an event. All guests must also sign a waiver form when they arrive at an event. A signed or online waiver acceptance is a condition of participation for all RVW events.

The Board recognizes that this requires an extra effort from our members and chapter leaders. Please complete your form as soon as possible! We are grateful for your prompt attention to this requirement.

Thank you.

RVW Board of Directors

Preivous RVW Liability Waiver

RVW National has requested that all attendees sign a Liability Waiver when attending any RVW event. To read the document we have added a link below, a link on the Events Matrix page, and a link on each event page. In addition, on the online registration tool we have added a check box for you to acknowledge your signature in Lew of mass signing at the events. If you have any questions or concerns feel fee to contact any board member - thanks for your cooperation in this new change.

Word doc or PDF version

If for any reason you desire that your picture not appear on any RVW or Cascadia publications (website, magazine, directory, etc.), you are advised to send a note to the following three persons, along with a picture of yourself (so that they know what you look like), and they will do their best to ensure that your picture not appear, bottom line, it is your responsibility to avoid having your picture taken at any event.

Christine Taylor, Cascadia web editor,

Dianne Walker, RVW web editor, submit a problem report on the RVW website and attach a picture of yourself 

Dee Johnson, RVW Magazine and Directory editor,

January 30, 2013

Guest Rider rule changes by RVW National:

Board Action At the recent Board workshop and meeting the Guest Rider Policy was discussed and a revision made to the amount of the fee. The purpose of the Guest Rider Policy is to allow RVW members in good standing with RVW to purchase a rider to their membership that allows the member to bring a qualifying guest to an unlimited number of RVW events. The rider does not replace the existing policy for non-members who wish to bring their own rigs and are exploring potential membership in RVW. An RVW member may purchase a Guest Rider to her membership for an annual nonrefundable fee. The annual fee in the amount of $50.00 will start March 1st, 2013. The guest must be a woman, 18 years of age or older. The guest may not live in the RVW member's household. The member who purchases the Guest Rider may bring any number of qualifying women 18 years or older any number of times but only one guest at a time may accompany the RVW member. The guest must reside in the RVW member's rig at any RVW functions.. The Chapter Leader or the Outing Leader is responsible for ensuring that this policy is followed. Upon applying for a Guest Rider membership to RVW, the prospective member would receive a statement of the Guest Rider Policy with instructions for purchasing the rider in her member packet information. Chapter Leaders would also have materials available to share with Chapter membership. When membership files are sent to Chapters, those members who had selected the additional Guest Rider would be identified so that Chapter and Outing Leaders know who is allowed to bring guests under the policy. There would be no accounting of names or addresses of these guests and neither Directories nor RVW Magazines would be provided for covered guests. RVW members may add the Guest Rider to their membership at any time during the year as long as they notify RVW and submit the required fee. However, the fee will not be pro-rated for a part of the year. The Guest Rider may be renewed or cancelled when the member renews her membership.


Message Forum on National Website

Cascadia now has a Message Forum on the RVW website ( ) where you can ask questions or share information, tips, and concerns with your fellow Cascadians. You'll need to log onto the website and navigate to the Cascadia page (Members-Groups/RVing Women Chapters/Cascadia Chapter), then look for the little yellow megaphone that says Forums. Check it out!

And don't forget there is also the national forum for communicating with the entire RVW audience

Updating Your Profile

If you have not done so already, please log into the new national RVW website and update your profile information. It is now up to you to keep your contact information up-to-date to ensure the RVW office always has the correct information. To log in for the first time, use your name as the User ID (example: DianeMilnor) and rvwpassword1 as the password. It is a good idea to reset your user ID and password at this time.


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