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Event Write-Up

April 15 – 17, 2022
Burlington, WA

   Thirty amazing RVing women in 19 rigs settled into the Burlington KOA campground in April for a weekend filled with tulips, food, and games planned by Kris and Carole, our event captains extraordinaire.
    An abundance of creativity was unleashed while creating signs to help identify the rigs of fellow Cascadians.  Those who chose to go enjoy the tulips were not forgotten and upon their return were presented with signs made especially for them.
    Cascadians are a strong, resourceful group.  Despite issues with the clubhouse oven, a baked potato dinner with a multitude of fixings was provided by Cascadia for all to partake. This was followed by a dessert bar.  The room was filled with lively conversations with everyone being glad to be together again. 
    A brief break was taken so that all fur babies could be fed, walked, and fawned over before returning to the clubhouse for a night of BINGO. There were those tense moments during each game with women waiting for that ONE number to be called.  Of course, there were fabulous prizes for the winners.  A good time was had by all.
    Coffee and breakfast (which included homemade hashbrowns from leftover baked potatoes!) were enjoyed before the Cascadia’s spring business meeting.  Following the meeting those interested in discussing the book, The Lincoln Highway, met in the clubhouse.  The book for April is Facing the Mountain, by Daniel James Brown.
    Miniature golf was the Saturday afternoon entertainment.  We were all able to show off our putting skills in what turned out to be a very close tournament. Teams of four competed for the grand prize of chocolate Easter bunnies. 
    Saturday night’s potluck buffet had to have been one of the most varied and delicious spreads to date!  Not only are Cascadians wonderful, strong, resourceful, fun-loving, and casually competitive women, we are a group of culinary chefs and sous-chefs! 
    Once again fur babies were attended to before the BIG event of the evening, our very own Las Vegas Game Night!  Roulette, Texas Hold ’Em, and Blackjack were the games of the evening.  Everyone was given an equal number of chips to begin the games.  With Vegas style music in the background, bets were placed, wheels were spun, and cards were dealt.  There were big wins and gut-wrenching losses.  The big winners walked away with lottery tickets.
    Sunday morning once again saw coffee and breakfast goodies in the clubhouse.  This provided one last time to get together as a group before going in our separate directions.  The highlight of Sunday mornings was, as always, the rig christenings.   This month there were three rigs christened.  Following the christenings, voices were raised singing “Going to the Campground”, and “Happy Trails.” 
……until we meet again! 
    We all look forward to seeing each other at Harmony Lakeside RV Park in Mossy Rock WA, May 19-22.

Bonnie Yocus, Scribe



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