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Event Write-Up

Cascadia Chapter Event
May 19 – 22, 2022
Harmony Lakeside RV Park
Mossyrock, WA

Though the weekend of Cascadia Chapter's May 2022 'Mossyrock' event, at Harmony Lakeside RV Park, began with mottled gray skies and a brief spray of rain, once the sun came out it stayed out, making for a nearly perfect weekend of fun along the shores of lovely Mayfield Lake. The gathering was attended by 21 rigs, about 38 members, some guests and several newcomers who were heartily welcomed into the fold.

Thanks to event captains, Linda and Annette, the group was treated to 2 nights of rousing post-potluck dinner pleasantries, including a raucous trivia contest Friday evening. Music trivia victors, team Dana and Phyllis, did not necessarily win by guessing the right song titles, which scored one point, but by enthusiastically belting out the lyrics, which was also awarded a point. Kudos to Nancy for guessing most of the songs, often before the entire clue had even been given. The erudite portion of the competition, World Events trivia, categorized by decades 1960, '70, '80, '90, 2000 and 2010, was won by team Kris and Carole.

From campsite cornhole games breaking out on a sunny afternoon, to cards played in the shade or in the clubhouse in the evening, much friendly competition and comradery was had. In addition, with 33 members in attendance at the business meeting Saturday morning, any outstanding issues were promptly and summarily hammered out, thanks to officers and constituents alike.

Following completion of business matters, book club attendees were free to discuss the month's selection, FACING THE MOUNTAIN, by Daniel James Brown, in peace. Next month's read will be THE PERSONAL LIBRARIAN, by Heather Terrell and Victoria Christopher Murray.
The relatively sedate, but no less competitive, speed jigsaw puzzle-assembly contest, taking place Saturday night, was dominated by the whiplash pace of team Joan and Janet, promptly followed by team Elaine and Carole.
Sunday morning we met for coffee and breakfast snacks and after singing our traditional songs, we said farewell until we reconvene in Port Townsend in June.

Much appreciation for everyone's contributions to yet another successful adventure!

Scribe: Dana Holt


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