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General Event Information


General Event info:

Events are arranged primarily for those interested in or currently enjoy the RV lifestyle. Our activities are generally held in campgrounds and resorts where you bring your RV and spend the weekend in pre-planned activities, seminars and socializing.

If you do not own an RV, please inquire about alternate lodging so you can come along and enjoy some time with us! Many campgrounds offer rental units and cabins, or you may stay nearby in a motel or with friends.

Registraion and Cancellation:

You should register for our chapter events by using the online registration tool. From the Event Schedule, click on Register on the far right side of the event you are interested in. That will take you to the online registration tool. Fill in all of the required fields. After pushing the Submit button, it's a good idea to print out the confirmation page that will be displayed. This will be your record of registration. Be sure to register early, as space is limited at most events.

Online registration is for the event dates shown. To add extra nights, follow the instructions given on each event description page.

Note: The registration procedures vary somewhat from event to event, depending of the rules of each park that we are visiting. You will always use the online registration tool first; if there are event-specific instructions beyond that, the Registrar will let you know. Be sure to read the specific instructions on the event description page for each event you are attending for deadlines and unique instructions.

To cancel a reservation, follow the cancellation instructions on the event description page.

Event Guidelines:
Click here to read RVW guidelines regarding men, children and dogs attending RVW events. 


If you are a Cascadia member planning a personal event and would welcome company, your information can be posted here. While Come Alongs are open to any RVW member or guest of an RVW member, Come Alongs are not RVW events. Send information to Webeditior, including the dates and location of your outing (including the website) and any other information about the event (purpose, site number, games, for example). You will make your own arrangements with the park.

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