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Misc. Contacts you may want to add to Your Address Book

To ensure you are getting all of the latest information about Cascadia and RVW, please add the following contacts to your e-mail address book. for news that might come from the national office for correspondence, such as a response to a problem report, that might come from the national web editor for correspondence, such as dues processing, that might come from the national office for photos and write-ips and Comealong event info for the Website

Important reminder:

There are those among us who have serious allergies, most notably seafood and nut. If your potluck entry includes any of these ingredient, please indicate so on a card to avoid any allergic reactions from any of our members.

Also, make sure you bring a setup to all potluck dinners (that would be your plate, bowl, fork, knife, spoon, glass, etc) as well as serving spoons for your entry in the potluck.

Thanks, Lana for reminding us of this.



Message from Web Editor

Hello all

I need your help to keep the website current and correct. If you see a typo, encounter a broken link (link that does not work when you click on it), or any other items that need my attention, please contact me. This website is very large and I can not fix something I do not know is broken and sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own.

In trying to keep the website interesting and relevant, I am looking for some photos of rigs for the home page. If you are doing any traveling or have some pictures of your rig at one of our events, send it and I can post it on the home page showing members and visitors how much fun we have.

Also, any educational seminars, personal events, news items, recipes, or helpful tips you want to share with other members, I can post those as well.

Click here to contact me or just send an email directly to the Cascadia email address:

Penny Haase

Helpful Tip:

When we got our new rig last summer, we soon realized that it's nearly impossible to check the tire pressure yourself on the rear dual tires. I pulled into Les Schwab to inquire about valve extenders, and they indicated they did not recommend them for a variety of reasons. I asked the guy, "Well, how am I suppose to check my tire pressure myself then?" He said, "You come see me anytime you want."

So now I just pull into my neighborhood Les Schwab dealer before each trip, pull around back, and a nice young man pulls off the tire covers and checks tire pressure for me on all my tires, free of charge. And it only takes a few minutes. Pretty cool, I'd say! — Diane Milnor

General News
Badge Ordering Information
Several folks came back from convention sporting their new badges and hangars they got at convention. If you've not ordered an official RVW badge yet and would like to, go to the RVW national website, go to the ONLINE STORE from the left hand navigation bar.
Want to reduce the cost of your national RVW dues? The national board has just announced a new recruitment program in which you can earn $5 off your renewal fee for every new member you bring into the organization. Bring in 9 new members in a calendar year, and you'll earn a year's membership. To read all the details and fine print, click here.

Vial of L.I.F.E. Form
We had a sobering reminder during the 2009 Westport weekend of the importance of keeping emergency information in your rig. Please, take the time to complete the Vial of L.I.F.E. form and store it in a plastic bag or container in the freezer of your rig. Print it, fill it out, and place it in the freezer. The freezer, whether at home or on the road, is where emergency personnel are trained to look for pertinent information about your health conditions. Your life may depend on this information being available and up-to-date. Please, do it right now.

MS Word version of the form.
PDF version of the form.


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Last modified: February 24, 2021