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RVW Membership Recruitment Campaign 2009

Membership Recruitment Program

The following Reward Program has been approved by the RVW Board of Directors to maximize individual member and Chapter involvement in new member recruitment. “New Members” will include lost members who rejoin.
The annual term of the program will be July to June 30, commencing July 2009.

Individual Member Rewards
1.         For each new member recruited the recruiting member receives $5 (five dollars) credit toward the following year’s dues. Recruit 9 members in a calendar year and receive one year fully paid membership. Recruit more than 9 in a calendar year and receive credit toward the next year.
The loss of income is small compared to the increase in income generated by increasing membership.

2.         6 Monthly Drawing.  A recruiting member will be entered into a 6 monthly drawing each time a member is recruited. The reward will be a $50 (fifty dollar) gift certificate.
Annual cost $100 (one hundred dollars).

3.         Annual Rewards.  Annually the top 2 members recruiting the greatest number of new members will receive gift certificates: $100 for top recruiter and $75 for runner-up.
Annual cost $175 (one hundred & seventy five dollars).

4.         Successful recruiters and prize winners will be indentified by name and Chapter (if the recruiter belongs to a Chapter) in the next issue of the RVW Magazine and on the RVW web site.

Chapter Recognition
1.         In each issue of the RVW Magazine and on the RVW web site Chapters will be recognized for their members’ success in member recruitment.

2.         Annually, commencing in 2010, at the RVW Convention the Chapter that was most successful in recruiting members to RVW during the prior recruitment year (July-June) will be recognized at an appropriate gathering of the membership and a banner identifying the Chapter and the year will be displayed.  The Chapter will receive the banner for use at their rallies or other events.

To Become Involved
1.         Contact your Chapter Leader for supplies of magazines, brochures and contact cards.        If your Chapter Leader has run out of the above items contact Meg van Zyl, or 623-680-2085 for supplies.

2.         Be sure to tell all  new members you recruit to include your name and Chapter on their application.





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