Our last event of the year was in Birch Bay, WA. It was the last event for Sue Ellen Johnson as President, after an eventful two-year term. Sue Ellen had the good fortune of a cast of very special people to work with.  

Stepping forward were Kit Adams who volunteered to develop a website for Cascadia, and Diane Milnor as the web editor. Kudos to both, and our heartfelt thanks.


Also volunteering were Linda Clark who established a reservation system. Barbara Nelson took over fielding inquiries about Cascadia Chapter by becoming our Public Relations officer. Bonnie Blossom stepped up to chair the committee that wrote the new by-laws. Judy Dorst came forward to lead the nominating committee.


Then Sue's very talented board: Linda James and able partner Mary Nebel started a great system of volunteers in their job as event planners. The "Hi There Girls" were there to greet the arrivals at each event, and the "Divas" provided the muscle to setup, cleanup and do whatever chores that had to be done. As Treasurer, Meredy Davis, followed by Lynda Byrd, kept the financial business up to date. I continued as Scribe after fulfilling my Secretary/Treasurer post for two terms.

Again Sue Ellen thanks you all for your marvelous support!

Friday night started with an appreciation dinner of lasagna, salad, bread, and cake for all, but honoring the volunteers throughout the year. Dinner was served by Barbara Nelson, our founding Mother, and past presidents Bonnie Blossom and Cathy Atkins, and the current board. Certificates and votive candles and star-studded holders were given to each volunteer. There were between 80 and 90 of us. The evening was spent in the clubhouse playing board games and cards, and others rig-hopping and visiting.

Saturday, our first gathering was for our business meeting. Sue Ellen opened the meeting and after the Secretary/Treasurer's report from Lynda Byrd, turned the meeting over to Bonnie for ratification of the by-laws, which were approved. The slate of officers was presented and the results are next year's board:

Moving to President is Cheryl Edman
Dorene Thomas as President Elect
Judy Polenski as Secretary
Lynda Byrd as Treasurer
Linda James (assisted by Mary Nebel) as Events Coordinator
Linda Clark as Registrar

Jo Schilling will take over as Scribe and Sunshine Focal
Dianne Pond will do the Cascadia Clothing orders.
Barbara Nelson will continue with the PR

A very special thank-you to Sue Ellen followed and very nice remembrances were presented to her. Yes, I saw some tears, the biggest smile in the crowd was mine; it has been wonderful and tiring keeping up with Sue these past years but it will be nice to go to events and be a participant.

The dues at this time will remain at $5 but will probably be addressed at the spring meeting.

After the meeting we were treated to a wonderful Oktoberfest luncheon by Diane Milnor and Nancy Gerou, complete with brats, beer, potato salad and sauerkraut, accompanied by oom pah music. I saw polkas being performed in the food line. It was a lot of fun and very much enjoyed by everyone. Thanks, ladies, so much.

This was followed by a seminar presented by our very one Annie "Dr Fixit" Larsen, who taught us how to winterize our RVs. She came prepared with handouts, offered us CDs of her presentation, had a drawing for useful RV gifts then did winterizing on a rig, and went around answering questions about different situations on different rigs. Thank you,"Dr Annie" for a great class!

Pumpkin carving filled some of the afternoon and later the costumed members came in droves. Wonderful!  It was a challenge for the judges and they apologize for anyone they missed, wishing they had gifts for all. There were Halloween games, which made us all be young again. Sunday morning a pet costume parade. The dogs were all so cute in their costumes, and did very well, considering what they had to put up with to make their humans happy. The judges were really stumped so all got a prize. Then we sadly said goodbye until next Spring.

So until then, when Jo takes up the pen, Happy Trails! It's been fun the last five years.

Your retiring Scribe,

Norma Dalla Santa


Incoming president Cheryl Edman (right) expressing her appreciation for Sue Ellen's leadership the past two years as Cascadia president.

(L-R) Judy Polenski, Mary Nebel, Linda James, Sue Ellen Johnson, Cheryl Edman, Dorene Thomas, Linda Clark and Lynda Byrd following the election of officers.

Dianne Pond

Fairies Mary and Linda

Pirate and wench, Linda and Lynda

Jill and Pat

Shirley and Martha

Unidentified ghouls

Lori and devil dogs at the pet parade


Hope you enjoyed our year in review!

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