August 11-13, 2006

Whispering Pines RV Park


Event Description

Our annual trek east of the mountains where the sun always shines and the sky is always blue – especially in August.  Whispering Pines is located on the Yakima River and has ~25 water and electric sites with many other boondocking sites.  Sign up early to get water and power. 



Registration deadline for this event is now closed. Please contact the park directly to see if they have space available and tell them you are with RVW.


OUR HI THERE GIRLS are Kathy Amberg and Cherry Pedrick.

We are short on DIVAS as we’ve had several cancellations. This is a good opportunity to sign up . So far we have Pat Lebbert, Laura Thornhill, Sandy Cyr and Nancy Gerou. We need 2 more.

OUR FORMAT IS CHANGING FOR THIS EVENT. We have a small clubhouse with an outdoor patio. We’ll need some tables for dinners. If you have shade tents please bring them. We are also looking for barbecues. So if you have reasonably large table and or barbecue please bring them along.

FRIDAY EVENING: Salad bar dinner. Cascadia will supply: lettuce and dressings as well as some potato and pasta salads. We are asking you to bring: a salad topping and either bread or a dessert. Be creative with the salad toppings.

SATURDAY MORNING: There WILL NOT be a breakfast or coffee this Saturday. You are on your own.

SATURDAY EVENING: Barbecue - bring your item to barbecue and whatever you would want to eat. This is NOT a potluck. We will barbecue and eat together, but not do a traditional potluck. We would like to have numerous barbecues set up at the community area.

SUNDAY MORNING: Traditional Cascadia coffee and breakfast snacks.



The Yakima River offers fabulous fly fishing
opportunities, or makes a great float trip.


THE YAKIMA RIVER FLOAT TRIP: Mary and I hoped that 12-15 women would sign up. We have 39!!!! This will be a grand adventure through the Yakima Canyon on of course, the Yakima River.  We will leave the camp about 9 am, meet with the rafts and be on the river by 11 It will be hot and sunny on the river, so bring water, a hat, long sleeved shirts/pants if you burn. Wear sunscreen and your bathing suit.  We can float in the river as we float down the river - life jackets on or just enjoy being in the raft.. It is highly recommended that you leave all valuables including non-waterproof items like cameras at home. Waterproof cameras recommended. Lunch will be provided at a picnic area at the end of the trip about 2 pm. You may want to bring a morning snack.

We are working on the transportation logistics. Since there are so many of us on this float, we will need to provide our own transportation. In brainstorming we wondered if 3-4 motorhomes could transport all of us to the starting/put in point.

Alpine Adventures will supply a van which will carry our dry clothes, etc. to the end point where we will have the picnic. Those drivers will get a ride back to the staring point to get their vehicles. Hopefully the drivers will then pick up the rest of us. Being a driver will not prevent you from going on the float trip!

IMPORTANT: Cascadia is fronting your balance of $35 for this trip. Alpine Adventures has requested full payment before we get to the river. Please come prepared with cash or check to pay your balance on Friday evening. Credit cards cannot be accepted.

Miscellaneous notes: Cheryl and Barb are on the raft trip, so the ‘bites and defib update presentations are cancelled.

If you are staying at the campground - would you consider keeping an eye on dogs/cats left at home??

Saturday evening is left unscheduled. Games of course are always available.


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