2007 RVW National Convention -
Lodi, California

The arch welcomes visitors to downtown Lodi.

Cheryl, Barb, Linda and Lynda went into the bowels of a gold mine.

Jo and Judy visited Crater Lake on the way south.

It was a Winnebago View convention when Jo and Judy ran into Pam and Sue in eastern Oregon.

Jo and Judy also ran into some snow on the way down and made a snow baby.

It was a beautiful sunny day when Marne and Diane passed Mt. Shasta southbound.

The caravanners stopped at a ghost town in Oregon on the way down.

192 rigs were squeezed into the fairgrounds in a jigsaw puzzle feat of parking.

Cascadia had a third of the golfers participating in the tournament.

Sue Ellen and Diane teamed up with two gals from the Freewheelers at the golf tournament.

Cheryl and Barb on the Sacramento River delta.

Several folks visited the historic town of Sutter Creek, where the gold rush began.


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