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Black Diamond
Lake Sawyer Resort

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Despite the sunny predictions of weather forecasters, another rainy weekend was in store for our intrepid campers.  Undaunted, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the famous Black Diamond Bakery a few miles down the road.  Thursday and Friday provided enough clear weather for evenings around the campfire, but Saturday there was steady rain.

The clubhouse was a bit cozy for our 43 women.  So, Meg came up with a clever way to avoid using a whole table for potluck food.  We each placed what we brought in front of our place setting, then moved around the room filling our plates.  When reaching our own place once more, it was okay to sit down and dig in.

The 43 women came in 23 rigs according to registration records.  In addition there were a number of day campers so we lost count at some point.

Saturday morning we gathered in the clubhouse for a very helpful workshop on RV Maintenance, presented by Steve and Steve of Tork Lift Central in Kent.   The Steves have been in the RV maintenance business for 30 years.  We also have some very knowledgeable members.  The Steves provided excellent handouts on everything from tires to winterizing to buying a used rig. Note: Tork Lift now has a full service RV repair service capability, and provides a 10% discount for Cascadia RVW members.

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed Black Diamond.  In addition to the famous bakery, we found a large used book store and a surprisingly large local museum.  Black Diamond was originally a coal mining community so the museum had an excellent collection of tools including several mystery tools.  You were to guess what they were designed to do, then the museum staff would tell you what others thought.  No one knows for sure.

Mid-afternoon several teams held a scavenger hunt, knocking on doors to see if we had a 2004 conference t-shirt or a red button among other things.  Winners were the team of Christine, Leanne, Suzanne, and Sherry.  At dinner the scavenger hunt teams competed in a hollering contest because it was national hollering week.  Winner was Millie’s team.  They came up with an authentic hog call.



Puzzle Picture
The weather presented opportunities for indoor activities such as this puzzle being worked on by Christine and Leanna.

Seminar Picture
Steve Perry of Tork Lift Central in Kent presented
an RV maintenance clinic on Saturday morning.

Black Diamond has deep roots as a coal mining

Sunday morning we shared coffee and sweets in the clubhouse before christening a new rig and wishing each other “Happy trails until we meet again.”

Thanks to captains Meg and Karlene for a fun, soggy weekend.

- Jan Secor

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