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Event Description

It was sunny.  All weekend it was SUNNY.  Whoopee!  Thursday it was cloudy nearly all day and Friday morning was foggy.  But, by noon the fog had burned off and the sun shone. 

We held our meet and greet and finger food potluck on an outside deck right by the entrance to the park.  Anyone who arrived after 5:30pm got a very warm greeting from the whole gang as they drove past.  I never got a count of exactly how many rigs there were.  The park was in the forest.  Campsites were large and surrounded by trees and bushes.  It was hard to count.  We were in the 25-30 range on rigs with 45-50 people and perhaps even more dogs.  Some folks now have three.

We didn’t have an event captain so Mary and Christine filled in.  It was a laid back, play it by ear, kind of event.  The result was lots of relaxed chatting and various explorations in the area. 

Saturday morning Kim and Nicki from Discovery Bay Resort, fondly called DBR by most, made a presentation about their park.  This is the northern sister to The Pueblo and Superstition Mountain Resort (SMR) in Apache Junction, AZ, where a number of Cascadia members spend the winter.  The very interesting presentation was followed by an invitation to come up for a visit anytime, though it is best to call ahead so somebody can meet you at the gate to open it.

In the afternoon some folks went up the road to nearby Lake Cushman.  Others tried out the Hoodsport Winery as well as various places to eat in town.  Some relaxed in their campsite while others went hiking in the state park that abuts the campground. 

By 5:00 pm the set up crew was assembling tables and grills for the Cascadia celebration of National Hot Dog Day.  We had a picnic and block party next to the children’s playground.  Cascadia provided hot dogs, turkey dogs, and Polish brats with buns and all the trimmings.  Everyone else contributed side dishes which were delicious as always.  Again people lingered to chat. 

About 8:00 pm the “pyros” gathered for a campfire.  Singing still hasn’t happened around the campfire, but umbrellas weren’t necessary this time either.  There was also a campfire on Friday evening.

Sunday morning at 9:00 am the group gathered with Mary at Ardyth’s new rig for a christening.  We christened five new rigs – Ardyth, Abby, Lois, Marda, and Guyla and Andi.  Guyla and Andi bought their class A motor home for $1,000.  They gutted it.  Then, completely refurbished the inside as well as making repairs to the engine and the outside.  This was their first time out camping in the rebuilt rig.  Talented gals. 

After the christening ceremonies, we said “Happy Trails” and “See you in Westport” then scattered to the four winds.

Jan Secor


Kim and Nicki gave a presentation on Discovery Bay Resort (DBR) in Sequim.

Maud and Alayne next to an old growth stump and nurse log on a hike along the shore of Lake Cushman.

Christine and Karlene tending the grill for our National Hot Dog Day barbeque.

Abby, from Port Angeles, joined us for the first time and had her trailer christened on Sunday morning.


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