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The Cedars RV

6335 Portal Way
Ferndale WA 98248


April 29 - May 1, 2011



Event Write-Up

We returned to Ferndale’s Cedar RV Park and Resort, near the US/Canadian border, in hopes that our Canadian members would join us as they did last year in March.  We were rewarded with several friends from both sides of the border we hadn’t seen for a while.  In addition, the snowbirders had also returned and joined us at this event.  Altogether we had about 50 people and 25-30 rigs for a wonderful weekend.  We even got some sunshine between rain showers.  Sunday was glorious.  The other days were mostly sunny with rain at night.

Our weekend Captains, Leanna and Marcie, with Divas Christine, Sherry and Suzanne, kept us busy having fun all weekend with a pajama party and The Weekend Project.  Friday evening we shared snacks and caught up on each other’s doings, and got instructions on The Weekend Project, as well as some modeling done by Christine (in her Seahawk themed sample – go figure), Suzanne’s, Everything to fix your rig sample and others to give everyone an idea for their own project . 

Saturday morning was the second annual bowling tournament at nearby Mt. Baker Lanes.  The bowling was followed by a pizza party and the annual Spring General meeting.  We managed to make the meeting last over an hour though there was little pressing business.   The rest of the afternoon everyone was on their own for dinner.  It also provided time for everyone to work on their version of The Weekend Project.  Come evening time we gathered in our pajamas to share all The Weekend Projects.  The project was to make a pair of slippers from 4 Kotex pads and whatever you could find in your rigs.  The results were amazing.  We are a very creative group.  There were dog walking slippers, prepared for anything slippers, s’mores slippers, a doggie with slippers, M&M slippers, doggie biscuit slippers, garden slippers, nurse Ratchet’s slippers, dandelion gems, etc.  We were so impressed with ourselves that we lined them all up for pictures.

The rest of the night was “Movie and Popcorn” for all.  High score bowling winners, Cheryl and Barb, as well as low scorer, Marnie with Elaine, received the comfy seat award and got to sit on the couch for movie time.  The feature film was “The Long, Long Trailer” with Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnez.  Afterwards we wondered how they pulled that 40 ft. trailer with a sporty convertible.  I saw the movie when it first came out but it was much funnier now that I’ve pulled even a small trailer.  The movie was good and the popcorn was hot and enjoyed by all.  Then it was the usual campfire time, even though the sun had not totally set indicating the longer days are here. 

Sunday morning Leanna and her crew served breakfast, delicious as always.  It is great to have a member of food services in our membership and willing to share her talents with the group.  No rig christening so it was Happy Trails to all!  See you in Mossyrock, don’t forget to bring your auction items and check book.

Jan Secor


Members park their rigs at the beautiful resort.

General meeting lead by board members Laura A, Cheryl E. Elaine P, Diane M, and Suzanne L. Non-board member Webmaster Christine T.

Another great potluck from our members on Friday night.

Bowling high scorers Cheryl and Barbara and low scorer Marnie with Elaine got honored couch seats for the Saturday night morie

Sunday morning breakfast served by Sherrie, Suzanne, and Leanna, great cooks, great food.




Click here for slipper pictures

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