Cascadia Event at Rest-A-While RV Resort, Hoodsport, WA
June 23-25, 2016

“Back to the Future” was the theme for our event and members brought childhood or baby pictures, favorite family recipes for the potluck dinners and costumes for Saturday night dinner. Event captains were Peggy and Marilee who were ably assisted by Cathy Atkins, Vicki Para, Penny Duex, Barbara Hatred and other volunteers.

Friday evening began with photos going up on the bulletin board with numbers attached. Quiz sheets with a list of names let contestants guess who was who. Most members were very cute blue eyed blond little girls. Winning the guessing contest was Lynda Byrd with about 22 correct guesses.  After dinner many returned to join Joann, Meredith, Lesley, and Lynda for a well-attended sing-a-long, others just hoped in as they finished playing cards.  The usual games including Poker, Rummikub, Five Crowns, Euchre and 31.

Saturday morning kicked off with a delicious, club provided, pancake breakfast. The Book Club discussion was led by Guyla Vann at ten o’clock. Nineteen members joined the analysis of “Bound” by New England author Sally Gunning. “Bound” provides a fictionalized account of an Indentured Servant in 1765 Massachusetts.

At 2:30, many returned to the clubhouse for a slide show presentation and idea exchange of “RV Hacks that Work’ led by Peggy. Many ideas and products were displayed. My favorite was sliding a three inch or so tall piece of Plexiglas horizontally inside a cabinet to restrain objects when you open the door!

For the evening potluck, a “favorite childhood dish” theme resulted in a great variety of delicious dishes.  Several members dressed up in the theme of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Apparently, Lynda wanted to be cigarette girl and Christine wanted to be a gym teacher/coach.  The rest of the evening was spent playing games again.

On Sunday morning, the sun came out in time for several rig christenings and goodbyes until we meet again in Westport on July 22, 2016.

---Penny Haase, Hoodsport Scribe





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