July event Theme: Remarkable Women
Event Captain: Mary Schoenfeldt

We arrived at Rest-A-While RV Park on Hood Canal on Thursday and Friday. Some folks went out to dinner on Thursday and some had dinner at the park. Evening was devoted to card games for many. Ten and Five Crowns were the games of choice. Many of us went to breakfast on Friday morning at The Tides for a huge, wonderful breakfast. Yum!!

The rest of the campers arrived on Friday. It was a little cool in the morning but warmed up in the afternoon when the sun came out. The potluck was delicious as usual. After dog walking, we returned to the clubhouse for an amazing evening. We all became reporters for an evening with a press pass, notebook and pencil (with Cascadia Remarkable Women printed on it). We each interviewed a remarkable woman and reported to the rest of the group why that person was amazing. A couple of very creative women (Lynda and Cheryl) chose to sing their report in harmony. It was great to get to know a little more about our fellow Cascadians. Ten was the card game of choice for quite a large group. Catan continued to be the game of choice for 4 diehards.

Saturday morning coffee and tea were available in the club house at 8:30. (Along with Andi’s delicious brownies) Book Club began at 10 AM, but it was not our usual book club. We were asked by our Event Captain to purchase one of 2 books to donate to Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County. They are both books that will be especially good for young girls in the shelter. The titles are Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (100 tales of Extraordinary Women) by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo and She Persisted (13 American Women Who Changed the World) by Chelsea Clinton. We were asked to choose one of the extraordinary woman to report on to the group. The discussion concluded with sharing of personal experiences.

Saturday afternoon, was free time for playing games, trips for ice cream, naps, baking cookies, and socialization. The real fun began at the potluck. For the potluck, we were supposed to bring something we had not brought before. All the food was delicious. A favorite was Mac and Cheese with Green, Chilies.

“What an evening!! Never in your lifetime did you think you would be able to meet and talk with Helen Thomas, first Woman in the White House Press Corps, Rosie the Riveter, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Jackie Cochran, Founder of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). They were played by some Remarkable Women of Cascadia (Mary Schoenfeld, Christine Taylor, Andy Abruzzo, and Cheryl Edman). We learned, we laughed, and we loved who they were and what they did for us. The final question to this distinguished panel was ‘what was your legacy?’ Each gave a beautiful, thoughtful reply to end the evening. One of the audience summed it up profoundly after the show by saying, “their legacy was all of us…we are their daughters and look where we are now’!” (Posted on FB by Mary Schoenfeldt)

The rest of the evening was also enjoyable. We had 14 women join Leslie Hollearn in a roaring hour of singing. The songs were upbeat like “Rollin’ in My Sweet Baby’s Arms” to sentimental like “Edelweiss”. The rest of the group played cards. However, this reporter did see some toe tapping and head bobbing in that group.

After coffee and tea on Sunday morning, we christened 2 rigs. One was 20 years old and belongs to our first Cascadia president, Bonnie Blossom. She was so busy as president getting everyone else’s rig christened that she forgot her own new rig. Sage MacLoud, our past president and Advisor had her third rig christened as Emma 3, E3 for short. Songs and hugs good byes will keep us safe until our next event in Westport.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Gregersen


Amazing Women Panel 4



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