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How It All Started

Major contributions by Bonnie Blossom, with photos by Barbara J. Nelson



Barbara Nelson was the key "facilitator" in forming the Cascadia Chapter. The main "action" took place at the Enumclaw RVW National Convention in 1999. A number of "Washingtonians" and "B.C.ers" signed the petition for a new Chapter. Over that winter, RVW approved our Chapter.

Barbara J. Nelson


In 2000, the first Cascadia Chapter Event was held in Leavenworth at the Thousand Trails RV park in May.
Barbara had planned some fun things for us to do, among which was a class on "photography-computer relationships" and a class on "helpful RV gadgets and tools". Our main goal was to have our first business meeting and begin our organization. Barbara started the business meeting by having a "free" discussion about what we all wanted from the chapter. That in itself was interesting. All agreed that we needed some leadership but there were many opinions on how much. So, Barbara asked for nominations for President. She excused herself from the options. I was the only one nominated, (by the only woman in the group who knew me, other than Fran). People were not scrambling for the position! The group then discussed the need for someone to help schedule events and plan activities.

Dianne Pond was nominated to do that. So, Dianne was in essence the first "Event Activities Planner," after Barbara's first year as a "volunteer Rally Master." Barbara planned Leavenworth and the only other gathering we had in 2000, at Harrison Hot Springs in the Fall. We had a real fun auction, played games and had a "dog show."

The first Cascadia Board consisted of (L-R) Barbara Nelson, Bonnie Blossom and Dianne Pond.


For 2001, we (the BOD) officially designated Barbara as an Advisor. The three of us worked together to contact RV parks and schedule Cascadia events. Our first event in that year was in Ferndale.
Fran and I contributed our "soup making" abilities with homemade white chicken chili and a vegetarian chili for everyone. Fran did a little educational thing about Hovander Park and tips on composting; there was a biking group who rode to Birch Bay. Carol Gray did a very interesting "class" on fly-fishing, and I think we had another class but can't remember what that was. We were "off and running." The three of us continued as the only officers throughout 2001. Dianne pretty much handled the plans for event activities that year with some help from members. All of us participated in planning the Events. Cathy was elected into our first "President-Elect" position at our Fall meeting. She planned most of the 2002 Events over the winter with input from the rest of the Board and any members who wanted to contribute.

From the earliest days, this group has loved a good potluck.

The Cascadia Chapter was already growing strong when this picture was taken at Silver Shores in 2001.
Rita Watkins (L) and Sharron Crowley (R). Rita is a charter member of Cascadia.

Linda James (L) and Sue Ellen Johnson (R) at the Columbia River in 2001.

Rig christening has been a tradition from the earliest days of the Cascadia chapter. Collette (L) and Care (R).

Claire (L) and Annie (R) have been Cascadia members for many years.

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